New York State Disclosure Statement

How We Are Compensated For Service To Our Clients

We are an insurance producer licensed by the State of New York, operating as Plum Insurance Agency LLC. That license authorizes us to discuss with clients and prospective clients insurance contracts and their benefits, terms and conditions. We are also authorized to provide advice about specific insurance contracts and their benefits, to sell insurance and to secure insurance for NYSIDbuyers. When we work with clients and prospective clients, there will typically be one or more of these activities taking place.

How we are paid depends on the insurance contract the customer buys, with such payment coming from the insurer or insurers providing the insurance contract, or by another third party, based on the insurer and the insurance contracts (policies) the purchaser selects. Our compensation will typically vary, determined by factors such as the insurance contracts or contract, and the insurer or insurers the buyer selects. Please note that our compensation is sometimes affected by the amount and profitability of business we provide to an insurer.

As a buyer of insurance, you are entitled to receive information about the compensation we expect to receive, based in whole or in part on the insurance sold to you. Please feel free to ask any of our client service people to provide you with such compensation information, or alternative quotes on pricing with various insurers.

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